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Leather Identification--Awareness of Waxed Leather

Release time:2020-09-17 Source:Dongguan Oukai Leather Co., Ltd

   Waxed leather (also called burnt waxed leather) is an environmentally friendly crust leather processed from selected high-quality yellow cowhide raw materials and environmentally friendly chemical raw materials. It can be directly used in shoe materials without any subsequent finishing. Open cutting, which has the following advantages:

   The leather surface can be polished with a cloth, and there are bright marks on the finger. Polishing with the burnt wax on the cloth wheel can produce an antique burnt effect. As there is no coating on the surface, the scorching effect is particularly obvious. The leather surface is firm, plump and elastic, the grain is clear, and the surface is transparent. The effect and quality are incomparable to the coating leather. Made of environmentally friendly materials, no surface coating, reducing pollution links, so it is non-toxic, harmless, healthy and ecological.

Process of waxed leather upper treatment effect:

Clean the upper → rub the burnt wax → rub the Brazilian wax → spray wax water → polish

1. Clean the upper (use raw film to remove the upper mercury pen and glue.)

2. Scorch wax (according to the color of the leather and the style of the shoe to make the scorching effect, the general scorching effect is that the head and the tail are slightly heavier, and the layering and three-dimensional feeling are played. The speed of the scorching machine is about 1000-1500 rpm, and the average per rub 3 pairs of shoes burned wax last time. Note: The motor power of the scorch machine is different, you can adjust the appropriate adjustment speed, enter the double bottom oven, the oven temperature is about 60 degrees)

3. Rub the Brazilian wax (according to the leather color and shoe style to do the scorching effect, the general scorching effect is a little heavier for the head and tail, to create a layered and three-dimensional effect, the speed of the scorching machine is about 350-500 rpm, and an average of 3 Pairs of shoes need Brazilian wax last time. Note: The motor power of the burnishing machine is different, and the appropriate adjustment speed can be adjusted.)

4. Spray wax water and wax oil (spray the effect according to the style of the shoe, the gentleman's toe should be slightly brighter, and the casual shoes should be sprayed all over the body)

5. Polishing (polishing layers, waxy, oily and burnt feeling)

Characteristics and care methods of waxed leather:

  Waxed leather is divided into waxed cowhide (scalper and buffalo) and waxed sheepskin. Waxed leather is strictly selected during tanning. It requires fine pores and no scratches on the surface. After dyeing and waxing and polishing, the pores are clear, no coating, smooth to the touch, not easy to crease, good air permeability, foot protection sweat. The finished product has clear pores and skin textures, natural surface luster, good penetration of waxed skin and easy moisture absorption, and it is easy to change color after being touched by sweat and water. Special attention should be paid to prevent oil, coffee, milk and other liquids from dripping on the leather surface and causing the leather surface to discolor. You cannot wear it on rainy days.

Part of the wax skin with rubbing effect is mainly the uneven effect formed by the use of special wax in the production process to control the temperature, such as the scorched leather. The nature of their leather is the same as that of wax leather, so pay attention to waterproofing during use.

Care methods:

   Since waxed leather is uncoated leather, it is not allowed to use water-based care agents and detergents, nor to use non-special care products. For daily cleaning, you only need to wipe the surface with a soft dry cloth frequently to keep the surface clean and avoid it. If you encounter scratches, we can use oily skin restorer and sponge the scratches to restore the original shape. If the color is severely inconsistent, it needs to be repaired and painted.

Disadvantages of waxed leather:

It is difficult to care, and it is easy to be scratched and make the surface color inconsistent.

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